Wish to meet myself…

On erratic intervals, I crave for Solitude… an abundance of silence… a long unbroken chain of quiet…. with no sounds.. neither outside.. nor inside…! I wish for stillness in my mind, my heart, my soul! I wish to sit with me and just stare into nothingness for hours!! I only want myself for company and search for the Soul which is untouched, pure, sincere and is one with Peace!. A part of me which is cocooned; a part of me I haven’t got in touch with since exiting the womb. The part of me that rarely surfaces; a part which is eternally blissful & drenched in peace. I want to connect once again with what makes me, me. I want to rise higher & reach a state where the creator & the creation become one…where nothing bothers me… nothing affects me.. where everything is nothing & nothing is everything!! Amen!!

7 thoughts on “Wish to meet myself…

  1. Nice.
    But why absent from here for such a long time.
    Please write and will follow.
    For me I keep it a point to post something almost everyday. What I write is usually the predominant thought at that time
    Best regards


      1. Yeah I am sure will take time… Was just trying to post something now and it disappered!!! Haha… Well I post my thoughts on Instagram though… Everyday 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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